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Game On.

​If you're a kinetic sort of drinker, you'll love our activity options. 

Think you're good at darts? Come challenge our bar's best! There's almost always someone here willing to play a game. More often than not, there aren't enough boards for them all! A classic bar game, our darts are free!


Hook-Washer Game!

It took $6 to build. It's a washer attached to a string and a dowel. Catch the washer on the hook. Sound easy? Try it.

(See Sunday Alex for tips and tricks.)

Board Games/Cards!

Fun fact: The first recorded evidence of card games from from 9th century China. The first known board game comes from 3500 BCE from ancient Egypt. Less-fun fact: At the Spigot, the loser has to take a "Shame Shot." They are a true punishment. See your bartender for details.

Golden Tee Online 

The newest addition to our gaming family, it's the next-best thing to being on the course. No dress codes apply. 

Video Games!

We have several old-school video games including Ms. Pac Man, Galaga, Word Search and more...and our collection is constantly expanding! Join us every Monday for video game nights with Danny.  

The Juke!

An expansive TouchTunes Jukebox plays all day long. Shape the soundtrack of your evening by selecting your favorites, or get the TouchTunes App and bomb us with all the worst songs you can find!

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