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A West End Landmark

The Spigot Cafe's West End roots go back to 1963, when David Taylor Sr.  opened what was then a pizza joint and tavern situated next to a pharmacy. The legend goes that Dave woke up at 6 a.m. every day to prep pizza dough, worked his full-time day job, and came back to close up at night. Dave's son, David Jr., took over in 2002, helping to cement the Spigot as a landmark destination for working professionals, sports teams, laborers, politicians, students, and West End denizens alike. He presided over the taps until his death in 2019.


In assuming The Spigot's reins after the loss of Dave, Jr. third owner Joe Grillo pledged to carry on the cafe's one-of-a-kind vibe. He honored the bar's legacy, but upon his friendly departure, Joe asked that he simply be remembered as " Some Italian New Yorker who bought the bar and worked for two years to get the smell out of the toilets."  (You'll have to stop by to see whether he was successful.) 


Today, we continue to be the bright-red building on the corner that invites patrons to come as they are, have a drink or two, and meet a few characters along the way.  



Meet The Crew




Alex Mohawk Saturday.jpg


Bartender, Saturday

Our bartenders are the heart and soul of this place. (Caricatures by the talented @caricaturesbypaul.)



Bartender, Mon-Sun

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